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2 June 2018
We have a vacant Sgt of Arms position as well as a vacant position on the Grievance and Negotiating Committee due to recent promotions. President will appoint new members soon.

8 May 2018

15 April 2018
Dues increase vote will take place on Tuesday at the Union Hall from 7am to 730pm. See below for details.

March 25 2018


The motion "Motion to increase Union dues to one extra payment per month at the current dues rate starting July 1st 2018 to December 31 2019 for costs associated with a professional negotiator for the 2020 negotiations." was made at the 16 January meeting. After being voted on at the 16 January and 13 February meetings the motion passed.

There will be a vote to temporarily increase your Union dues by one extra payment per month at the current rate starting July 1st 2018 to December 31 2019.

The vote will take place at the Richland Labor Temple, 1305 Knight Street, Richland Washington on the of April 2018 from 7:00 am to 7:30 pm (as prescribed in Article IX section 15 of the Union Bylaws). Absentee ballots will NOT be given out.

Vote will be conducted by secret ballot. Outcome will be determined by a simple majority. A Union Official(s) will be present at the hall to check voter eligibility, maintain secrecy of the ballots, and address any issues.

January 24 2018
There is a motion regarding a dues increase on the table. The second vote will be at the first meeting in February (13 February). Meeting starts at 7pm.

January 22 2018

January 19 2018
Printable officer list

January 10 2018

Election Results for 2018:

December 26 2017

December 17 2017

October 29 2017
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