1. Paid Vacation Periods and Accruals

    SPOs will earn vacation hours of vacation benefit in every pay period. The rate of accrual of vacation hours is based on each SPOs years of continuous service that qualify for vacation credit. The formula for vacation accrual is as follows:

    Years of Vacation Service Credit Hours of Vacation Accrual Per Weekly Pay Period Hours of Accrual Per Bi-Weekly Pay Period Hours of Vacation Per Year
    0 through 5 1.54 3.08 80
    Over 5 through 10 2.31 4.62 120
    Over 10 through 20 3.075 6.15 160
    Over 20 3.845 7.69 200

    The maximum vacation accrual at any point in time will not be in excess of 2080 hours. When that limit is reached, however, no further accrual will be credited until the SPOs entitlement drops below the maximum.

    Accumulated vacation accrual in hours will be indicated on each check stub.

  2. Holidays in Vacation Period

    1. When any of the ten (10) holidays listed in Article X are observed during a SPOs paid vacation, such vacation will be extended one (1) day for each such holiday. However, the additional time can be taken by beginning the vacation earlier or extending it longer than would normally be the case.

    2. Holidays other than the ten (10) holidays listed in Article X, occurring during a SPOs vacation period will be considered as part of their vacation time.

  3. Basis of Payment

    1. Vacation payments will be made at the SPOs straight time earnings rate in effect at the time the vacation is taken.

    2. SPOs will receive any progression increases, which are scheduled to be effective during their vacation periods. Change of job classification will not be made effective for any employee during the period when they are on vacation.

  4. Use of Vacation Time for Absence

    1. When a SPO is granted a leave of absence, they may have the first portion of such leave designated as the period of any vacation to which they may then be entitled, if the President of MSA LLC or their delegated representative may approve.

    2. A SPO who is absent because of sickness or accident or because they are laid off for lack of work may have a portion of such absence designated as the period of any vacation to which they may then be entitled, if the President of MSA LLC or their delegated representative may approve.

    3. A SPO who is absent from work for any reason other than those reasons listed in paragraphs A. and B. will not be entitled either to have their vacation scheduled or to receive a vacation allowance during the period of such absence.

    4. A SPO, who terminates for any reason, including retirement, will be paid accrued vacation hours in a lump sum. In the event of the death of a SPO, accrued vacation hours will also be paid accordingly.

  5. General Regulations

    1. Vacations will normally coincide with the normal workweek (i.e., they will be scheduled to begin on Monday and extend through Sunday), except that with prior approval SPOs may take vacation in one (1) hour increments.

    2. When a SPO has begun a full week of their vacation and during that week they experience either:

      1. ) Personal illness for which the SPO or their spouse or dependent (who is a member of the SPOs household) is hospitalized or

      2. ) A death in the SPOs immediate family,

      One (1) or more full days of that week may be re-designated as personal illness in the case of 1) above or personal absence in the case of 2) above, subject to verification by the employee satisfactory to the President of MSA LLC or their delegated representative. Notification will be made to management at the time of hospitalization. Upon the SPOs return to work, the number of days so re-designated will be rescheduled as vacation.

    3. An advance vacation payment (check) may be issued, providing the vacation is for a complete payroll period. SPOs must request this advance payment at least two (2) weeks before their vacation begins.

    4. Vacation will be accrued for all approved periods of absence from work up to a maximum of four (4) weekly pay periods of vacation accrual, provided the SPO does not incur a break in continuity of service during such absence. For example, a SPO eligible to accrue 2.31 hours of vacation per weekly pay period could, if absent from work, accrue up to 9.24 hours during such absence. Accrual of vacation credit will continue during vacation periods.

  6. Vacation Scheduling

    1. The immediate manager will schedule vacations.

    2. The HQ, Training, A, B, C and D companies in each area may schedule SPOs on vacation at any one (1) time using the following guidelines (EXCEPTION: forced transfers):

      The following formula will be used for purposes of determining the maximum number of personnel allowed off on vacation. For every five (5) SPOs per shift, one (1) SPO can be off with the exception of K-9.

    3. Maximums may be exceeded as authorized by the SPOs immediate manager or delegated representative.

      When the training teams are not being used for training, they may be used as vacation relief as directed by their immediate manager or their delegated representative. For offering purposes, available slots will be split 50/50 between the training relief shift and the working shift.

    4. When any of the holidays listed in the current collective bargaining agreement are observed during a SPOs paid vacation, such vacation may be extended one (1) day for each such holiday. This additional time may be taken by beginning the vacation earlier or extending it longer. Additional days must be identified when the SPO schedules their vacation.

    5. Prior to November 15th of any year, a reminder will be given to all SPOs that vacation scheduling will begin November 15th and end December 15th. All selection of dates will be on a seniority basis, as described below. Shift schedules will be provided for the upcoming year before scheduling vacation.

    6. During the vacation scheduling period, SPOs can only bid for vacation time on the company that they are assigned to on December 15th.

    NOTE: At the start of the 8/7/11 week shift rotation in which vacation has been scheduled, SPOs who are not assigned to the same company (i.e., A, B, C, D) that their vacation has been scheduled with, will lose their scheduled vacation dates. The Shift Lieutenant will notify the SPO of the loss of their selected vacation before allowing another SPO to schedule vacation on those dates (EXCEPTION: forced transfers).

  7. Offering of Vacation

    1. For the purpose of scheduling vacation, the Company agrees to have the Patrol work schedule available by November 15th of each year. SPOs (that want to submit vacation dates) will submit their three (3) choices of vacation in writing by December 15th.
      NOTE: On each single selection, continuous blocks consisting of the maximum number of weeks available may be selected.

    2. Shift Lieutenants will enter the requested dates in order of seniority on the vacation schedule. If the request cannot be honored due to maximum vacation allotments, affected SPOs will be contacted to submit another vacation request.

    3. Following completion of the initial vacation scheduling period (November 15th – December 15th), a SPO may schedule remaining vacation time as available, as long as it is scheduled for the rotation (A/B or C/D) that they are currently assigned to. A SPO assigned to Company A on the A/B rotation may schedule vacation time for Company B. They may not schedule time for the C/D rotation. The start of the 8/7/11 week rotation in which the vacation has been scheduled, the SPO must have made arrangements to be assigned to the same company (i.e., A, B, C, D) that their vacation has been scheduled in. Failure to do that will result in the loss of those scheduled vacation dates. The Shift Lieutenant will notify the SPO of the loss of the selected vacation dates before allowing another SPO to schedule vacation on those dates (EXCEPTION: forced transfers).

    4. Not all vacation time need be scheduled. Scheduled vacation must be taken on scheduled or rescheduled days.

    5. SPOs who are forced to transfer to another company (i.e., A, B, C, D) retain the vacation selected before the transfer.

  8. Records

    1. A master vacation schedule is posted by shift in each area. As vacation dates are selected, they are recorded on this schedule.

    2. Changes occurring during the year are reflected on the master schedule.

  9. Split Vacations

    1. Any approved vacation period that is less than one (1) week long is a split vacation. Split vacations may be approved down to one (1) hour increments. Less than full-day vacations must be taken either at the start of the shift or at the end of the shift. There will be no exceptions. All vacations of less than a full day must meet the guidelines for split vacations in accordance with this Article.

    2. When a vacation is split, seniority is exercised in selecting only one (1) portion of the vacation until all personnel in the company have had an opportunity to select a vacation.

    3. Split vacations are subject to management approval. However, as a general guideline, split vacation days will normally be allowed if the progress of the work is not affected. (Progress of the work is affected if a SPO who is scheduled for the day to work and has a training day scheduled, an OMSP medical evaluation scheduled or if allowing the “split” would cause additional overtime.) In those cases the split vacation may not be allowed.

    4. If a SPO is denied a split vacation, an appeal may be made to Patrol senior management for reconsideration. Appeals will be made to the Shift Commander, Deputy Chief and Chief in that order.

    5. Cases when management refuses a request for split vacation are not subject to the grievance procedure, except split vacations scheduled in the initial scheduling period. If management refuses the split vacation and the SPO wants a written explanation, such written explanation will be given to the SPO and a copy will be forwarded to the Chief or their designated representative.