1. The Company will furnish the Union with seniority lists of SPOs in the bargaining unit. Revised seniority lists will be furnished monthly.

  2. The Company will give the Business Agent the names of SPOs to be laid off for lack of work at the time the SPOs are notified. The Business Agent will also be given the names of any SPOs who are discharged.

  3. The Company will furnish the Union with the names and addresses of new SPOs or SPOs who are rehired in the bargaining unit. On a periodic basis, the Company will provide the Union with a list of the names and addresses of SPOs in the bargaining unit.

  4. Within ninety (90) days of ratification, the Company will supply the Business Agent with sufficient copies of this Agreement to furnish each SPO covered by this Agreement a copy of said Agreement and, further, will furnish a copy of said Agreement to each new SPO covered by this Agreement.

  5. The Company will furnish bulletin boards for the use of the Union for posting Union announcements. Data, notices or bulletins which the Union desires to have posted will be routed by the Union through the Director of Labor and Employee Relations for approval, which will not be unreasonably withheld. The Company will give prompt consideration to material submitted by the Union for posting.

  6. SPOs will be shown and provided with a copy of any records, which are to be filed in the SPOs personnel folder which involve ratings, warning notices or other records concerning work performance. The SPO will be asked to sign such records indicating that the matter has been brought to their attention, but with the understanding that such signature in no way implies that they necessarily agree with the contents of such record. In the event a SPO refuses to sign and a steward is present, the shift steward will initial in place of their signature in the presence of the SPO. Records of disciplinary action will remain in the employee's personnel file maintained by Human Resources for a reasonable period, normally not less than twelve (12) months from the date of discipline. At the end of this period, the employee may request removal of the record of disciplinary action.

  7. Before making revisions in Patrol Policies dealing with the issues of transfers and overtime criteria during the life of the MSA LLC /Hanford Guards Union Agreement, the Company will, as in the past, discuss in good faith the revisions with the Union.