1. The parties recognize that under this Agreement each of them has responsibilities for the welfare and security of the Security Police Officers (SPOs).

    1. The Company recognizes that it is the responsibility of the Union to represent the employees effectively and fairly.

    2. Subject only to any express limitations stated in this Agreement, or in any other Agreement between the Company and the Union, the Company retains the exclusive right to manage its business and to direct the working force, including (but not limited to) the right to plan, direct and control operations; to schedule and assign work to employees; to make or to buy; * to subcontract work; to maintain the efficiency of employees; to establish and require employees to observe Company rules and regulations; to hire, lay off, transfer, promote or relieve employees from duties and to maintain order and to suspend, demote, discipline and discharge employees for just cause.

  2. None of the above rights will be exercised by management in contravention of the terms of this Agreement, or any other Agreement with the Union.

  3. In the event of any violation of the terms of this Agreement, the responsible and authorized representatives of the Union or the Company, as the case may be, will promptly take such affirmative action as is within their power to correct and terminate such violation.
*See Article VIII, Section 12.