Notes for Candidates:

Local 21 will honor any reasonable request by a candidate to distribute campaign literature to Members at the candidate's expense. Requests will be honored in the order received. Campaign literature must be provided to the Recording Secretary in sealed, stamped envelopes which are ready for mailing. Candidate's mailings will not be read or censored by the Recording Secretary. Candidates may send the mailings to only part of the membership if they wish. For example a Candidate could tell the Recording Secretary to send their letter only to one shift or to all shifts except one. Contact the Recording Secretary to coordinate sending out literature. For additional mailings after the first mailing a 10$ fee will be charged by the Union to cover expenses.

Ballot boxes will be put out on the 29th of December and Ballots distributed immediately after to give Candidates time to get their literature out if they desire to do so.

Candidates may inspect the membership list once prior to the election. Contact the Recording Secretary (Tim Johns) at (509)438-8751 or by email to arrange a time. Candidates will not be allowed to copy the membership list.

Using Company or Union facilities, funds, or assets to campaign is prohibited. For example you cannot use the Company or Union printers or computers to prepare campaign material. Candidates may also not post campaign materials in Company or Union facilities.

If a candidate has obtained a mailing list in the course of his/her Union duties or from the Company and would like to use it to do his own mailings they must make the list available to the other candidates as well. You can just forward such a list to the Recording Secretary and he will send it on the other candidates. Do this prior to mailing your literature.

Candidate's names will appear on the ballot in alphabetical order.

If you have a question or problem with the election please contact the Recording Secretary as soon as possible so the question may be answered or the problem resolved.

Point of Contact:
Tim Johns
phone: (509)438-8751